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Wilson Burn 100 S V4.0 (WR044811)

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The new Wilson Burn 100 S V4.0 is for players of all levels whose intent is to dominate with power and spin. The Spin Effect 18x16 string pattern has fewer cross strings for more bite on the ball. Made with a firm Carbon Fiber Graphite, the Burn's response feels crisp and powerful. This racquet also features Parallel Drilling which helps the strings soak up more vibration and transfer greater energy to the ball. From the baseline this racquet rewards full swings with enough pop to control the action. It also provides very easy access to spin, making this a great racquet for the aggressive topspin player who likes hitting heavy spin-loaded balls that drop hard and explode off the court. The ultimate racquet for the baseliners looking to burn through the competition with heavy shots and precise spin.

Technical Specifications

  • Category : Performance
  • String Pattern : 18/16
  • Length : 27in / 68.58cm
  • Weight : 10.6oz / 300g
  • Head size : 100in² / 645.16cm²
  • Balance point : 12.59in / 32cm / 7 pts HL
  • Beam Width : 23mm / 25mm / 23mm
  • Swingweight : 335
  • Stiffness (RDC index) : 71
  • Feature : Power/Stability/Spin
  • Color : Black, orange
  • Brand : Wilson
  • Type of product : Tennis racquet

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