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Yonex Duora 10 LT Pink/Yellow

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Full Description

The light (83g.) version of the racquet made popular by Malaysian legend Lee Chong Wei creates the a new sensation in the Yonex racquets with a unique concept: asymmetric frame shape to offer different qualities depending on which face of the racquet is used to hit. The Duora 10, is first a superb badminton racquet combining shades of pink and yellow futuristic design. Its profile is designed for competitors, but knows how to remain accessible to a wider audience thanks to its neutral balance and a measured stiffness. With its light weight (4U - avg. 83 g), theYonex racquet combines power, maneuverability and precision with real accuracy in the choice of parameters. The new Yonex technology is called Optimum Dual System. The Duora 10 is the result of merging two different materials on both sides, allowing it to offer different qualities. Yellow side (dedicated to the forehand), the Duora 10 is integrated with nanometric DR. This carbon material both very fine and incredibly durable maximizes power and control. The head profile has a Box geometric shape for maximum precision. On the Pink side (optimized for the backhand), Yonex utilizes a Ni-Ti alloy of nickel and titanium. This choice of innovative materials improves stiffness and repulsion on fast strokes even on short swings. To accentuate this gain, the Aero geometry offers more air penetration to the frame for maximum speed whip. Powerful forehand shots, fast backhands. With the Yonex Duora 10 LT racquet, keep a constant pressure on the opponent to achieve victory!

Technical Specifications

  • Play style : All-around
  • Stiffness/flex : stiff
  • Color : Yellow, pink
  • Brand : Yonex
  • Type of product : Badminton racquet

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