Padel player holding round padel racquet on the court

How to pick the best padel racquet to level-up your padel-tennis game!

How to choose the best padel racquet? 

To choose the best padel racquets for your padel-tennis needs, we have compiled a comprehensive guide of the different styles available. There are 3 shapes for padel racquets:



Padel player holding round padel racquet on the court

The round-shaped racquet is the best padel racquet for beginners or players with a long swing. It allows for a perfect center area to strike the ball with complete control. The majority of the weight of the racquet is in the handle which provides extra stability and greater accuracy thus it can be used for all types of play. 



The diamond-shaped racquet is best for more advanced players and those with a short swing, as it is designed for aggressive plays and does not offer the same control as the round-shaped racquet. The weight of the racquet is mainly distributed towards its head to carry out fast and powerful moves for volleys, bandejas (a shot in between a smash and a forehand) and smashes. When buying different padel racquet brands, it is best to choose a model that weighs a few grams less than your usual weight used since they tend to tilt more than the round-shaped racquet.



The teardrop-shaped racquet is a combination of the two padel racquets, with the weight distributed like the round-shaped racquet and the shape following the diamond-shaped racquet. It offers the perfect balance of power and control, making it a versatile choice for all players of padel-tennis. 

Teardrop-shaped and diamond padel racquets


What are the different levels of rigidity?

When choosing the best padel racquet for padel-tennis, it is important to consider what level of rigidity will best suit your needs:


Soft Padel 

Usually made from fiberglass, a soft padel racquet is composed of flexible rubber, which yields a higher ball output and higher performance plays. This material is best for defensive plays because they generate more speed with little effort. However, using the soft padel for aggressive moves like smashes will yield a slower play because as the ball travels further into the material, the force is further absorbed. 


Hard Padel 

Made from carbon fiber, the hard padel racquet is firm and rigid, making this padel racquet ideal for more aggressive and experienced players. They are more expensive than the soft padel racquet, but they are more durable and yield better control for plays with good technique. However, without the proper technique when using this material, players are more prone to injury because of the force required when using hard padel racquets. 

Player holding a hard padel racquet


Which is the best racquet for me? 


The best padel racquet for beginners is round and has a soft padel. This racquet allows the player to have more controlled plays and return powerful shots. Furthermore, for beginner padel players, it is best to buy a padel racquet that is lightweight and easy to use to avoid injury and upgrade when needed.   



The best padel racquet for intermediate players is the teardrop-shaped padel racquet as it provides balance of control and power during play. Furthermore, any teardrop-shaped racquets are made of anti-vibration materials to avoid sports injuries as padel-tennis players become more advanced at the sport. When choosing a racquet as an intermediate player, it is best to experiment with different weights, shapes and to compare different padel racquet brands.



The best padel racquet for advanced players is the diamond-shaped racquet. Advanced players typically prioritize the power that the diamond-shaped racquet offers during play over the extra support for control from the round or teardrop-shaped racquets. 


Want to learn more? Watch this introductory video to learn more about the different types of padel racquets. 


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