Security & Privacy

Tenniszon invests great care to assure the protection of the information transmitted through the internet as well as to preserve the confidenciality of your private life.


Tenniszon has adopted state-of-the-art security measures in an effort to protect confidential information from loss or unauthorized use. Tenniszon servers use the most recent technology for transmitting information, SSL (Secure Socket Layers), as well as highly secured encryption means.

Encryption is a technique that is designed to ensure the security of transactions carried out through a public payment system. By locking access to the information, encryption ensures access only to the intended recipient. Therefore, the submitted and crypted information cannot be deciphered while it is transmitted to the financial institution. Furthermore, credit card authorizations are certified by the Desjardins Financial Group who also applies its own security standards in order to ensure the highest level of security during a transaction.

How does use the information received?

Tenniszon uses the information you send us to open an account under your name, to order the merchandise of your selection, to provide you with information on your order, to make the invoice out in your name or that of your company and if you authorize it; to send you, from time to time, information on the site and its products. Tenniszon assures you that at all times access to your personal information remains strictly confidential. Furthermore, Tenniszon does not commercialize its client list.