Your Guide to Picking the Best Badminton Shoes

Your Guide to Picking the Best Badminton Shoes

You've ventured into the exciting realm of badminton, and your enthusiasm for the game is palpable. Just like in tennis, your choice of equipment plays a pivotal role in your success in this high-paced racquet sport. If you're pondering the art of selecting the perfect pair of badminton shoes, you've clicked on the right link. Enjoy this guide to buying badminton shoes. This article will serve as your guiding light, explaining the important factors to contemplate when seeking out the ideal badminton footwear. It is important to note that badminton shoes are made specifically for playing badminton. This means that tennis shoes or other generic running shoes should not be used to play badminton. Furthermore, we'll share our recommendations for the best badminton shoes for beginners and advanced players. 


Cushioning and Support

Badminton is a physically demanding sport characterized by lightning-quick movements, sudden directional changes, and frequent leaps into the air. To safeguard your feet, minimize injury risks, and optimize your performance, it's imperative to seek out shoes equipped with substantial midsole padding. This advanced cushioning system not only enhances your comfort but also acts as a shock-absorbing buffer, effectively countering the jolts and stresses associated with the rapid jumps and sprints on the unyielding court surface.

Without this cushioning, the brunt of these high-impact movements would be borne by your knees, which could potentially lead to long-term joint issues. Furthermore, robust arch support plays a pivotal role in your badminton shoe selection. Your arches are like the foundation of a building, providing the necessary stability to maintain equilibrium during those lightning-fast direction shifts and leaps. Insufficient arch support not only compromises your balance but also increases the likelihood of foot-related problems like plantar fasciitis or shin splints, which can be particularly bothersome for any badminton player. Opting for the best badminton shoes that offer both great cushioning and support is a must for any badminton player.


Badminton players warming up on the court


Non-Marking Soles 

In indoor badminton courts, the usage of badminton shoes with non-marking soles is a widely adopted practice. These specialized soles are designed to prevent scuff marks and any potential damage to the delicate playing surface. Typically composed of gum rubber, non-marking soles provide exceptional traction without leaving unsightly marks behind. This is not only important for the aesthetics and maintenance of the court but also crucial for ensuring fair play by avoiding surface irregularities. When selecting your badminton shoes, always check for the "non-marking" label to safeguard the quality and integrity of the court and to respect the standards set by the facility. The most common gum rubber outsole is brown but they also can be found in multiple colors such as white, black or blue .

Lightweight Design

In the fast-paced world of Badminton, where speed and agility reign supreme, your choice of footwear can significantly impact your performance. Opting for lightweight badminton shoes is imperative, as heavy shoes can be a hindrance to your ability to move swiftly and respond rapidly to your opponent's shots. Lightweight shoes enable you to maintain your agility, make quick cuts, and effortlessly maneuver around the court. They allow you to react promptly to each shuttlecock, ensuring that you stay one step ahead of your competition. Choosing shoes specifically designed for agility and swiftness on the court will help you unleash your full potential, making you a formidable presence on the badminton court.



The physical demands of badminton can lead to perspiring feet, causing discomfort and fostering blisters. To maintain a cool and dry environment for your feet during intense matches, opt for shoes with well-ventilated uppers. The best badminton shoes are crafted from materials that offer effective moisture-wicking and ventilation properties that ensure comfort is maintained throughout your games.



Badminton shoes must be able to withstand the rigor of the sport. Lateral movements, quick-stops and constant shuffling and movement can really put a lot of stress on your footwear in the long run. Finding shoes that have reinforced toe caps and durable outsoles is important especially if you are a frequent player. These types of shoes are able to withstand the demands of the game and provide long-lasting durability and performance. 

Our Recommendation

By following our guide to buying the best badminton shoes, you are now equipped with the necessary information to choose the right badminton shoes for you. With that being said, we’d like to suggest our top pick for best badminton shoes for beginners: the Asics Gel-Rocket 11, available for both men and women. This shoe features a flexible upper construction that's breathable and more comfortable, a TPU TRUSSTIC midsole to resist over-twisting, and wrap-up outsole plus outrigger to provide functional support during side-to-side movements. This affordable badminton shoe is great when starting out and learning the game of badminton. Plus the outsole's flexion grooves help ensure freedom of movement during all your court exchanges.


For the best badminton shoes for advanced players, Tenniszon suggests the Yonex Power Cushion SHB 65Z 3, available for both men and women. This flagship shoe offers the POWER CUSHION+cushioning technology, which boasts 28% more shock absorption and 62% more repulsion, as well as offering improved support at the mid-foot and heel for a stable fit. The Power Cushion SHB 65Z 3 is the choice of the world’s best badminton players, including men’s world #1 Viktor Axelsen and women’s top ranked Akane Yamaguchi.


Tenniszon has a large selection of badminton shoes that are sure to fit your style and the above criteria. Shop online or visit us directly in-store.