The best tennis shoes for support in 2023

The best tennis shoes for support in 2023

What is it that differentiate "support" shoes from other styles? Support shoes prioritize stability above all factors in their construction. They are made to be used by powerful players putting extra pressure on their shoes with big weight transfers and breaks, most often seen from baseline players. They tend to be the heaviest shoes due to their extra material for reinforcement, while also being more rigid. Support shoes are one of two main types of tennis shoes (the other being the "agile" archetype), thus most brands tend to have one model. What will then separate the different brand’s models will be what second element they bring to the shoe, whether in terms of comfort, durability or any new technology the brand is developing. To summarize the support shoes segment :

Perfect for :

  • Baseline players
  • Heavier players
  • Players with ankle issues

Not ideal for :

  • All-court players
  • Players favoring lighter or cushier shoes


Here are our selection of the top support shoes for 2023, offering the best stability to players :

adidas Barricade
As classic as support shoes get. First released in 2000, the Barricade has been a mainstay of adidas tennis shoes lineup ever since (bar a weird 2-years hiatus in 2019-2020) and earning the trust of many top pro players over the years. You know a shoe works when it’s been continued for that long. What distinguishes the Barricade is its excellent blend of stability and durability thanks to its Torsion System TPU and ADIWEAR rubber compound. Add on top a medium-to-wide fit that suits a lot of players and you have a thrusty tennis shoe that will last. Endorsed on tour by Félix Auger-Aliassime.
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Nike Vapor Cage 4
Also known as the "Rafa" line, the Cage series by Nike has been their go-to stability series for a while now. Even though Nadal himself has stuck with the third iteration to maintain consistency in his equipment (he also notoriously uses the same racquet frame from 15 years ago), the Cage 4 was an upgrade on the 3rd first and foremost in fitting, as the 3rd was hard to get into with a stiff sock-like entry. The Cage 4, on the other hand, offers a burrito tongue, making entry much more painless. It’s also a wider fitting shoe as opposed to other Nike shoes. Featuring one of the most durable outsole on hard court as well placed rubber protection around the toe area, the Cage 4 deserves solid consideration for players looking for stability.
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Asics Gel-Resolution 9
One of the best-selling tennis shoes on the market, the "Reso" 9 offers some upgrades on the previous generation (which happened to be THE best-selling tennis shoes on the market) with the DYNAWALL™ technology, making a more pronounced lateral support for full lockdown feeling. Asics also revamped the upper by adding rubber to enhance its stability. The Gel-Resolution 9 is also offered in Wide and Clay versions.
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Babolat Propulse Fury
Certainly one of the "stiffest" tennis shoes out there (although less than its predecessor), the Babolat Propulse Fury is purely associated with stability. With a more narrow fit made to keep the foot in place, it’s a sure value to accomplish what it’s advertised for. The shoe also features a Michelin outsole, providing great grip on the court as well as durability for the most demanding of players.
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Head Revolt Pro 4.0
Considered by many to be the most durable shoes, the Head Revolt Pro 4.0 is the perfect choice for the player that wishes to keep his shoes for a long time. Be aware that its fit is made short while having decent width, thus players should go for half a size bigger than usual. The Revolt Pro is also on the lower end price-wise of support choice, making it an overall great value.
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New Balance AC Unisex Coco CG1
The recent entry of this model, the first signature model for Coco Gauff, is sure to challenge the mainstays in this department. Inspired by the 90s aesthetics and basketball models, NB went with a mid cut to wrap up the ankles and increase stability. The shoe also uses the FuelCell midsole technology found in a lot of NB’s models across all sports, favored for its great cushioning and energy return. It really has the feel of a basketball shoe with a tennis outsole, which is an interesting combo as basketball shoes also prioritize stability. The Coco CG1 comes in unisex sizing and multiple colourways to suit both men and women.
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Asics Court FF3
Probably the least stability-specific shoes on this list, the Asics Court FF3 deserves to be mentioned as it still provides great support and a highly comfortable sock-like fit. The Court FF3 is the cumulation of all of Asics’ technologies in tennis footwear and even though its price tag is certainly in the top of the market, the Court FF3 certainly warrants it. On top of stability and the sock fit, it also provides a very cushy midsole and more than decent durability, making it a complete package for the dedicated tennis player looking for a high end product.
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We hope these suggestions will help you choose the most fitting option for your feets, to perform your best on the court. Our experts are available to help you narrow down your options to help you pick the one, whether in person at our Cremazie store, by phone or online through our chat.