Tenniszon's policy is to guarantee the products supplied by its suppliers against all manufacturing defects.

The guarantee is provided by the supplier of the product. The latter, at its sole discretion, will establish if the merchandise is defective, Tenniszon serving as a link between the consumer and the manufacturer of the product.

However, there is an exception: any product that is clearly defective and that respects the supplier's warranty period, will be replaced immediately.

In case of doubt the product will be returned to the product manufacturer, who will make a decision within a reasonable time.

This excludes any product that has been worn out or abused, even as a result of an unintentional fault.

This also excludes any product that has been worn out prematurely due to intensive use (competitive players).

The supplier's warranty applies from the date of receipt of the product.

The warranty applies only once.

A return number must be obtained in order to return a product.

Authorized returns must be shipped "postage paid" by the consumer.

Important: Warranty terms and policies in Canada and the U.S. are not necessarily the same, especially for footwear.

TENNIS RACKETS, 1 year for the following brands:
Babolat, Dunlop, Head, Tecnifibre, Wilson, Yonex

BADMINTON RACKETS, 180 days for the following brands:
Babolat, Black Knight, Yonex

SQUASH RACKETS, 180 days for the following brands: *Due to the nature of the game, rackets with multiple breakage are excluded.
Black Knight, Dunlop, Head, Tecnifibre, Wilson

RACQUETBALL RACKETS, 1 year for the following brands:
Head, Wilson, Pro Kennex


SLINGER : The warranty is a standard 12 month warranty with no extended warranty. See the full garantee here :


Please note : Returns will be charged an additional restocking fee of $100 in North Americas for Launchers, and $30 in the Americas for Oscillators. This return fee will be deducted from the amount to be issued to you as a refund.

If your Slinger Product is returned in damaged condition, with missing parts, missing packaging materials or otherwise has signs of abuse or use, Slinger Bag reserves the right to refuse a refund or to charge additional restocking fees, at Slinger Bag’s sole discretion.


*Comfort problems and premature wear due to intensive use are excluded

* It is important to note that the life span of strings varies according to the following factors: level of play, style of play, frequency of play, playing surface, string maintenance and climatic factors. String breakage can be very common for those who play competitively, put a lot of spin on their ball, play several times a week, play on clay, do not protect their strings from the effects of sun, heat and cold, extreme temperatures and humidity. No warranty applies in these cases.


*It is very important to read the washing instructions carefully. For some fibers, the use of bleach and fabric softener can irreversibly damage the texture and color of the fibers. The use of the dryer or iron can also damage some clothes. Some clothes must be washed separately. Leaving wet clothes in or out of the washing machine or in or out of the dryer without separating them can also damage them. Most returns of clothes are due to this. No warranty will apply if it is determined that the defect is due to mishandling.