Store Demo Service

  • Try up to 2 demo racquets for a 7-day session
  • $20 per demo racquet 
  • Demo fees can be deducted with a purchase of a new racquet (In-store service only)


ID’s with address must be provided and entered into our point of sale system.

Apply up to a $100 (+taxes) credit in demo fees upon purchase of a new racquet (within 60 days from first demo date).

Each customer must provide a deposit of $200 for each rented frame. Full deposit will be refunded if all conditions are respected.


$5 non-refundable late fee per racquet will be charged to your account per day if you fail to return the racquets on or before the due date (this fee does not apply on the $100 credit purchase of a racquet).


Racquets must be returned in the same condition as it was when it was rented.


Failure to return racquets within 14 days may result in the loss of the full deposit for each racquet.

All demos must be strung by Tenniszon only.


Customers will not be charged for broken strings that occur during the demo period.