How to pick your tennis racquet: tips and tricks for beginner tennis players

How to pick your tennis racquet: tips and tricks for beginner tennis players

You’ve been introduced to tennis, and now, you’re hooked. It’s only natural to want to invest in a good first racquet to start off strong as a beginner tennis player. “How to choose your first tennis racquet” is a question that might seem intimidating for some just learning about this sport. Fortunately, by the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with knowledge and tips to guide your choice. Additionally, you’ll discover Tenniszon’s top recommendation when it comes to finding the best tennis racquet for beginners.

Tenniszon’s tips when it comes to shopping for a new tennis racquet

The weight of the racquet

The weight of the racquet is an important aspect for a beginner tennis player, not to be overlooked. During your visit, look for a tennis racquet with a weight that ranges from light to medium. A light racquet facilitates maneuverability on hard surface tennis courts for a more comfortable game and ensures a freer response to the ball. Light racquets weigh between 260 to 280 grams and are often recommended for new tennis players because they are easier to handle and control. Medium racquets weigh between 280 to 300 grams and are typically used by intermediate to advanced players, as they offer a good balance between maneuverability and stability, allowing both power generation and ball control.

Head Size

The best tennis racquet for beginners would ideally have a medium to large head size. A large head is particularly beneficial for beginners as it offers a wide hitting area, which will aid new tennis players improve their accuracy and tolerance during strikes. For reference, an average head size will be 100 or 645cm2.

Flexibility of the racquet

When shopping for your first racquet as a new tennis player it is imperative to pay attention to the flexibility of the tennis racquet and look for a medium to high flexibility level. The more flexible a racquet is, the more it absorbs the vibrations from the ball bouncing on the court surface. This absorption gives the player a better feeling of comfort during hits. This flexibility is also beneficial for new tennis players looking to develop a smoother hitting technique.

Racquet tension

The tension of the racquet is equally important to take into consideration when buying your first tennis racquet. The tension exerted by the strings contributes to ball control as well as hitting power. By ensuring your racquet has the appropriate tension, you ensure you have control over the direction and trajectory of the ball during your hits. When it comes to power, having the right tension means finding the right balance between the rigidity and flexibility of the strings. Flexibility contributes to hitting power, while rigidity contributes to control of the hit. When shopping, it’s important to note that racquet tension remains a personal preference and could vary depending on the playing style, power, and technique of each player. Although more advanced players might prefer specific tensions based on their needs, a medium tension is a good starting point for a beginner when learning the basics of tennis. Our in-store experts will be able to advise you during your next visit. 

Playing Style

When considering playing style, the best tennis racquet for beginners must allow one to feel comfortable on the court and build technique. In order to achieve this, it is recommended that beginners use the style of baseline play, which is a style focused on the basics and fundamentals of tennis. In this, the player mainly stays near the back of the court to exchange shots from the baseline. To successfully play this style, one would need to learn key shots such as the forehand, backhand, and serve. The baseline play is the perfect style for beginners, as it focuses on the development of a strong striking technique and good physical endurance.

Our recommendation: Wilson Clash V2

You are now equipped with the basic knowledge to help you purchase the best tennis racquet for beginners! At Tenniszon, we offer a wide variety of tennis racquets to suit all tastes and skill levels. Do not hesitate to shop online or visit us directly in-store.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce our top tennis racquet pick. For a multitude of reasons, Tenniszon deems the Wilson Clash V2 racquet as the best tennis racquet for beginners. Wilson tennis racquets are highly prized and what distinguishes the Wilson Clash tennis racquet from other racquets and makes it an interesting choice for a beginner tennis player is its flexibility, which is twice as great as other racquets on the market. Additionally,  the revolutionary Freeflex and Stablesmart technologies have made the Clash the very first racquet in the world intentionally designed to adapt to any swing style. Below are the technical specifications of the Clash V2 version 100L:

  • String Pattern : 16/19
  • Length : 27in / 68.58cm
  • Weight : 9.9oz / 280g
  • Head size : 100po² / 645.16cm²
  • Balance point : 12.40po / 31.5cm / 8 pts HL
  • Stiffness (RDC index) : 55

Wilson Clash V2

The Wilson Clash V2 available at Tenniszon


Wilson Clash V2

The Wilson Clash V2 is the perfect racquet to accompany you through different tennis styles and terrains. Visit our website to browse all Wilson tennis racquets and other tennis racquet brands. 

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